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SADD Shines

Are you a proud SADD member, parent or supporter? We know you are! So join the celebration on national SADD Shines Day, Wednesday, February 5, 2014! This is a day to highlight all the ways SADD teens make a difference in our lives and for SADD chapters across the country to celebrate and shine together. This February 5 - SADD Shines Day - is your time to show the world your SADD spirit. SADD Nation is asking everyone to wear SADD gear (SADD T-shirts, hoodies, buttons, sweatpants, jackets and anything else you might have!) on this day, choose an activity (tribute event, fundraiser walk, memorial event or lantern-making activity with younger students) centered around a lantern idea to illustrate how SADD youth show the way to make their schools and communities better places to live, and take and post pictures online. Help us raise awareness of SADD Shines Day! Celebrate the SADD youth leaders who stand for making positive choices and enhancing the opportunities for young people to fulfill their life dreams.

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    SADD Shines T-Shirt


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    SADD Shines Glitter Pencil


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